Being from Portland, Oregon I am fortunate to have two main ingredients that have created an immediate demand for my products; the popular Pendleton wool and living in the dog capital of the world. I've always had a love for animals and they have always been a huge part of my life.

I currently lost my beloved dog, Grizwald who was by my side for almost 15 years. His best friend was Baby (cat) who also recently passed away. I've added two mischevious little cats to our family named Stan and Tchalla! They definitely keep us on our toes!

After working for a small cat collar business, I decided that I needed to create my own products so I could choose my own materials. I was searching for the freedom to create interesting products that would stand out above the many other pet accessory options in the market. Many attempts and trials took place before I got it just right. I am really proud of the products I have designed and I am constantly inspired and motivated knowing just how much my customers love my products. 

I am always coming up with new items and testing them out. I just launched the release of my leashes which have been a long time coming. I would love to branch into ped beds, pet apparel and maybe even some home decor!

In my free time I run a garden at my son's elementary School. I LOVE crafting and all things creative and hands on. I collect vintage sewing machines, plants, and anything miniature (including a lot of unicorn figurines). Thank you for supporting my small business!                              

Sara Prohaska

Owner; WoolDog PDX                


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