How durable are your collars?

All of the collars are made using heavy weight nylon webbing along with heavy duty hardware. The Pendleton wool that I use is a high quality fabric that has been used for centuries however it is not bulletproof. I have spent many hours testing different ways to make this fabric as durable as possible to withstand even the most active dog. But due to the way that the fabric is weaved occasionally there are imperfections that I cannot see. Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions about this.

How do I care for my collar?

Taking care of your new collar is easy! Simply machine wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. For a quick clean you can use a damp cloth and rub any dirt or hair off.

Do all the patterns look the same as in the pictures?

No. Please be aware that due to the intricate weave of these fabrics the patterns will all vary slightly. If you have a specific pattern or look that you are interested in please email me and we can work together to get exactly what you are looking for.

Do you do custom orders?

Of course!!! I love doing custom work. If you are interested in something that I don't have on my website email me and we can discuss your ideas.

Do you have more than just the patterns we see on the website?

Yes. If you have a fabric that you love and would like to have a collar or leash made with it I would be happy to work with you to get it made.

I don't see the pattern that I wanted on your website anymore. Where did it go?

Unfortunatley I am at the mercy of Pendleton when it comes to fabric patterns. Sometimes they keep the same patterns for years and sometimes they only have a limited amount. If you don't see a specific pattern on my website that was here before please email me. I sometimes keep a little extra on hand just in case.

Do you do wholesale orders for retailers?

Yes!! If you are interested in carrying my collars in your store please email me and I can send you my wholesale price list.

How do I measure my dogs neck?

The most accurate way to measure your dogs neck is to use a cloth measuring tape to measure the thickest part of the neck. You can also use our sizing chart as a guide.